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Updated 3/03/05

More videos just for you...

Some of these videos might need to be viewed in Quicktime, which you can download for free  *here*

*Right click on these videos, then "Save Target As"*

Bear Fall
Bear + Trampoline + Tranquilizer = Comedy


Fall From Roof


Love Cartoon
Haha...I love it when he passes that one girl up


Head Into Car
Holy crap


Baby Got Book
Really funny stuff by
(13.5MB - Huge Download!)


Napolean Top Ten
If you haven't seen his movie, you need to


Jump Roof


Using Your Head
The last thing he says is pretty funny
(WARNING: Graphic)


Harvard Sucks
Haha...that's just awesome
(10.00MB) - (Quicktime)-(Huge Download)


New Flash Videos...

(Don't try to save won't work. Just click on it and they will play after it loads.)

NumaNuma Song
This guy rocks
(2.89MB) - (Flash Video)


Second Term
Another JibJab production
(5.76MB) - (Flash Video)


She Blocked Me
Pretty funny
(1.55MB) - (Flash Video)


Schfifty Five
Some stuff by Group X
(684KB) - (Flash Video)


End of World
Funny stuff by Group X
(WARNING: Language)
(3.6MB) - (Flash Video)


Mario Twins
More stuff by Group X
(WARNING: Language)
(386KB) - (Flash Video)


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