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Updated 12/17/04

More videos just for you...

Some of these videos might need to be viewed in Quicktime, which you can download for free  *here*

*Right click on these videos, then "Save Target As"*

Kyocera Commercials (Flash Videos)

Title says it all


This phone would actually be sweet


His name is Jeff!! (it says it on that little sheet he vacuums)


Rest of Videos...

aTm Football


The Best DUI
Unfortunately it's fake and was on Reno 911...but still hilarious


Brutal Bike Crash
Pretty bad stuff...
(WARNING: Graphic)


Cheetah Man
One fast dude


Crash and Burn
Wow...huge explosion


Flying Mower
Pretty sweet


Flying RX-7
Looks like it would be fun


Fooseball Tricks


Harrier Falls
haha...looks like after ejection he landed right on the crashed plane


Inside Burn-Out
<sigh>...those foreign people


Lewis HVC
Pretty funny
(3.04MB) - (Quicktime)


Ski-Lift Rookie


Snowboard Trick
Pretty nifty little trick
(507KB) - (Quicktime)


Sweet Mini-Cooper
haha...the very end is the best


Voting Machine
Some people believe this is how Bush won...


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