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Updated 10/04/04

More videos just for you...

Some of these videos might need to be viewed in Quicktime, which you can download for free  *here*

*Right click on these videos, then "Save Target As"*

Girlfriend Dump
Very fast and effective way to get rid of your girl


Super Cat
I wonder if he competed in Long-Jump in high school track?


Iraq News Report
Pretty funny


Live News


Foreign Lotto
This is how they do it in foreign countries


Model Boat
Fasted model boat ever made...pretty tight


Bench Jump


High Flyer


Extreme Tubing
Looks fun to me
(6.51MB) - (Big Download)


Break Leg
The reason you should drink more milk
(WARNING: Graphic)


Judgement Day Crashes
Another great video of motorcycle crashes
(7.57MB) - (Big Download)


Longest Line
In the opening of their new Apple store. That's just freaking stupid to stand in a line that long.
(12.4MB) - (Huge Download)


Plane Crash Test
Pretty dang strong wall if you ask me


Roller-Blade Bust


Sharp Turn
At least he moped dudes are ok


Tree Swing
You gotta have some pretty bad luck
(WARNING: Semi-Graphic)


Roller-Blade Jump


Water Wipe-outs
Very nice collection of wipe-outs


Kryptonite Locks
These are real popular locks, and if you have one, Kryptonite is exchanging them with ones without this flaw...go to their website if you do.


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