Videos - Page 13

Updated 8/17/04

Yet more videos just for you...

Some of these videos might need to be viewed in Quicktime, which you can download for free  *here*

*Right click on these videos, then "Save Target As"*

Pet of the Week
Dedicated to Kristen H., and quite possibly one of the funniest clips on this site.


News Heli Crash
I just hope they got good coverage of the story...and if not, should be fired


Back Flip
How NOT to do a back-flip


Rally Crashes
Why is it only foreign countries have this???
(6.55MB) - (Big Download)


H2 Engineering
Dedicated to N8 G. - I know you would like this.


Motorcross Jump
He shouldn't drop his bike like that...they are pretty expensive
(WARNING: Semi-Graphic)


Rubik's Cube Record
I did it in 8 seconds once...seriously...I did.


Internet Tutorial
video from - Pretty funny
(WARNING: Language, etc.) (21.6MB) - (Huge Download)


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