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Updated 8/01/04

Yet more videos just for you...

Some of these videos might need to be viewed in Quicktime, which you can download for free  *here*

*Right click on these videos, then "Save Target As"*

Motorcycle/Car/Bicycle Videos...

Can't Hold It
When you gotta gotta go


Motorcycle Crashes
Good collection of crashes...very nice.


Motorcycle Race Crashes
Another good collection of crashes...this time on the race track


Car Hits Dude
(WARNING: Semi-Graphic)


Mustang Spin
This criminal rocks...


Bike Fall
That wouldn't hurt too bad... (WARNING: Semi-Graphic) (2.41MB)


Helicopter Videos...

Helicopters Crash


Helicopter Tow
Smart fellers


Navy Helicopter
At least they have help nearby


Faint/Fall Videos...

Spelling Bee
This kid ended up coming in at 2nd place overall too.


Game Show
Haha...the host lady person doesn't even turn around


Stage Fall


Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Videos...
If you don't know who this're missing out. He's part of the Conan OBrien show. It's a hand-puppet that goes around making fun of certain events/people. It's stinkin hilarious. A MUST SEE! (warning...he can be "dirty" at times. He's a dog, so he likes to ....well, you know.)

Triumph - Star Wars Convention
This is probably my favorite one...dang hilarious
(17.1MB) - (Big Download)


Triumph - Bon Jovi Concert
My 2nd favorite...but just as hilarious
(15.2MB) - (Big Download)


Triumph - Westminster Dog Show
Watch him around his own species (and other's feces)...
(14MB) - (Big Download)


Triumph - Mentions Texas aTm
Ha...aTm is good enough for Triumph's son...


The Rest of The Videos...

Umbilical Brothers
These guys are pretty good


Martial Arts
Pretty tight video


V8 Chainsaw


Team Hoyt - Ironman
This last video is a really awesome story about a father and his son, definitely worth seeing...
(10.1MB) - (Big Download)


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