Videos - Page 1

Some funny/amazing video clips (There's 16 pages of this non-sense at the current moment...enjoy)

Also, some of these videos might need to be viewed in Quicktime, which you can download for free  *here*

*Right click on these videos, then "Save Target As"*

Bear Fight
My money's on the guy


Bull Pulling Off Pants
He was probably a little embarrassed after this


Cat Attacks Kid
Poor kid


Cat Fight
I think he knows Kung-Fu


Dirtbike Moron
The title says it all


Dog Sleeping Disorders
Would he drown if he was drinking water at the time?


Granny Walks Dog
Poor Granny


Kid in Back of Bus
Check out the kid in the back


Lady Crashes Dirtbike
She needs some lessons


Man Gets Hit by 2 Cars


Monkey Falls Off Tree
Hilarious video


Pool Jumper
Dang that's gotta hurt


Randy Johnson Hits Bird
What are the chances of that happening?!?!


Scooter Crash
I didn't think it was that hard to control a scooter


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