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This is the collection of funny signs I've come across. Enjoy!

*Click on the pics to enlarge*

Updated 10/31/04

2 One Ways
2 One-Ways = 1 Two-Way Right??
Entrance Only
Do not enter through this entrance
Slippery Pedestrians
Gotta watch those slippery pedestrians!
problems in the past?
I guess they've had problems in the past?
Hows my driving?
How's my driving?
Just in case you forgot
Just in case you forgot
Keep Right
Keep right? Or maybe left?
Keep Right?
Will do
Now thats good service
Now that's good service
Thanks for the info
Thanks for the info
The WhipLash Zone
The WhipLash Zone
U-Turns Only
U-Turns Only??
Which way do you go?
Which way do you go?!?
You can say that again
You can say that again

Updated 6/19/04

Change Sign
Well good for you, now go find a new job.
Closing Hiring
Knowing how dumb many people are, I'm betting they still got tons of applications
Dont't Drink and Drive
Dont't drink and write signs (for the slow ones out there...there's 2 t's)

Again, for the slow ones out there, you can't write them if you're illiterate
Keep Off Grass
Sure thing

Kids With Gas
No wonder my parents always brought me there as a kid.  :(
Open Range
How clever

Stop, no Stop
I wonder how many people could actually get away without stopping?