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Meet the Foxes

                  Jason's not the average 10-year-old fifth-grader. He's the youngest of the Fox siblings and is also the smartest--way too his smart for his, or his family's, good. His hobbies include tormenting his sister Paige, playing video games, doing homework(math and science), going to school, and computers. He has a friend, Marcus, who's just as geeky as him, and also has a pet named Quincy(an iguana I think). Jason's by far the best Fox there is.

                  Paige is the middle sibling of the Fox family at age 14. She, like most girls her age, enjoys shopping, talking on the phone for endless hours, and reading the latest issue of Cosmo. Paige has spent nearly the entire 14 years of her existence trying to get a date, and has rarely succeeded. Paige spends most of her time running away from Jason and at other times, beating up Jason.

                  Peter is the oldest Fox sibling, and is a high school junior with an inflated ego. Peter is much like any 16-year-old; he's got a bottomless stomach, loads of hormones, and belches out musical notes. Peter is also a procrastinator to the extreme. What seem to be his only talents are eating and getting beaned repeatedly while unsuccessfully trying out for sports teams. Despite these seemingly useless traits, Peter does have a unique taste in women, which has nabbed him a blind girl named Denise Russo.

                  Roger, the father who works at Pembrooke Associates, is the classic comic strip father---complete wimp. He's bald, chubby, and a complete goober, and those are all his good points. Roger does have a few talents, though--he can break a computer just by touching it and nearly destroy the entire house by forgetting to run the dishwasher correctly. He also trys to get his children to play him in chess a lot...they always refuse until he threatens them.

Andy ("Andrea")
                  Andy, the mother, writes a column called "On the Home Front" for the newspaper, and is the sanest of the Foxes. She's more sensible, is an English major, and less likely to break or destroy something. However, she does have one little talent that makes her a bit insane---her cooking. Not that she fails to cook correctly, like Paige or Roger, but the fact that she likes to prepare healthy foods like lima bean pizza or tofu casserole. She's also been known to outlaw gravy and salt at the dinner table.

                  Jason's pet who he likes to let loose to annoy Paige.