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These pics reflect what is called "engrish." Engrish is poorly translated English from over in Japan. I got all these pics from the site and just put some of my favorites on this site.

*Click on the pics to enlarge*

When friend, Brant, was over in India, he captured this. "Disneyland HighSchool"...which accepts people from "Nursery to X".  Nice.

Aqua Bar
Trust me...I'll remember
Back to Behind
So does that mean I go forward then??
Bear Pillow
I respect bears who always want to be clean...sometimes
Bee Careful
Wait till you see this Bee!!
Hot communication is the key in any bowling game
CD Cover
I think the Japanese did this on purpose...I would have :)
Challenge Car
I always like to challenge safe driving too
Chick Point
I don't know why I don't see any chicks around??
I guess I've just never tried that
Gun Warning
Good thing these warnings come with the gun
Happy Drug
I'm sure this place is always busy
Happy Times
I want a shirt that gives me happy times :(
Human Life Producer
I'll take 4 humans "to go" please
Ice for Grass
Japan is desperate for grass now days
Lets Bring It
Let's so do that!!
Mouse Watering Food
Mouse-watering food...yuuuum
Sounds like a totally awesome game
Powerful Shirt
As I always say..."more power to your elbow!!"
Pumpkin Poo
I've always wondered why America didn't have a Pumpkin Poo store
Pusher Type
Don't you yearn for a good relationship with your prizes??
Taxis at there!!
Toilet Wash
It'll be hard, but I think I can refrain from doing that
For when you need a trap in a hurry
Urine Tester
I always love watching the Miss Urine Tester pageants on TV
You Lady
yeah...You, Lady!!

Also, watch the "All Your Base" video in the Flash Videos section, or click the icon below. It's a classic example of Engrish.